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Can multiple people use the same Money Organizer Pro account?

There is only one username and password per subscriber. All client data entered and stored under that username can be accessed by whomever is authorized to use the account. But note that the report issued for clients will show the name of the subscribing advisor.


Is the management team interested in critical feedback, ideas for new features, etc?

Absolutely! We are here to impact the financial services world in this new economy and much of what you see in the software today is a result of input from our members.


Is there additional 1 on 1 training available?

Yes. There are two kinds of training available. You can always contact us for general questions (we prefer email but you're welcome to call too). And we also have a coaching course called 7 Steps to 7 Figures where you can learn how to build a 7 figure practice using the principals and advanced systems of Money Organizer Pro. This course is 13 weeks long. For pricing information contact us here.


What is the recommended browser to use for Money Organizer Pro?

All current browsers are supported but the best experience is with Google Chrome and can be downloaded here.


Is there a limit to the number of clients I can store in the Advisor Console?

No, you can store as many as you like. But remember the value of the Advisor Console as to manage your clients and your business. Another way of saying this is garbage in, garbage out.



Can I pre-populate a client profile for a client?

Yes. See the training tutorial for an easy 2 minute training with tips and tricks here.


How do I get my clients to complete their client profile more quickly?

Sign up for the 7-Steps to 7 Figures course or watch for a special training on using the Relationship Building Questionnaire to learn 9 strategic questions designed to set the relationship off on the right foot where you're the advisor and they are the client in need of your services. Success rate-above 90%.


Which clients should I put in the Advisor Console?

The Advisor Console is a tool designed to help you manage your business. It would be difficult to manage your business if you didn't have all of your client data in one place. While you may not use the Money Organizer Plan for all clients, you will want to manage all of your client data on the Advisor Console. And as you get more familiar with just how much the Money Organizer Plan software can do for your ability to better understand your client, you'll find you use it with all clients.


Where can I get more training on the Wealth Grading system?

Watch for classes throughout the year. There aren't many of them so grab the first one you can.


How often does Money Organizer Pro update enhancements and new features?

We are always working behind the scenes to add enhancements and features. Major features will come with new releases each quarter. Watch your email for up to date information.



How can I add my photo and contact info to my Personalized Client Profile page?

From the Advisor Console, click on My Account and the follow the instructions on the Advisor Profile tab.


How do I integrate with Redtail Technology?

It's really simple. There's also a training tutorial on integrating with Redtail to help you out. From the Advisor Console, click on the My Account tab towards the top of the screen and then on the Partner Associations tab. Then Click the Add Integration Account button and you'll be prompted with a window to enter your Redtail login credentials. Click Update and you're done with the set up and won't have to do that again unless you change your Redtail Username or Password. Now you're ready to import client data.


How do I import data from Redtail?

Very Simple. From the Advisor Console click on the Synchronize Client tab. Enter the Last Name of the client you want to import in the appropriate field. That client, and all clients with the same or similar last name, will appear on the grid. Select the correct client and click the bright red button on the bottom right-Import Selected Client and you're finished.


How can I export my data to an Excel Spreadsheet?

You can export a lot of different types of data anywhere you see the Export button to the upper-right side of a grid.


How can I add my photo and contact info to my Personalized Client Profile page?

From the Advisor Console click on My Account and the follow the instructions on the Advisor Profile tab.



How secure is Money Organizer Pro?

Glad you aksed because here at Money Organizer Pro, we make information security the #1 priority above all other technical concerns. We employ the most current web standards and best practices for information security. Defense-in-depth is also highly utilized, adding layer over layer of protection.


For starters, all communication to and from the server is over TLS/SSL (https) using a 2048-bit strength RSA key. This means 100% of all information is encrypted while in transit and prevents data sniffing and tampering. Sure, it does mean the system is a little "slower" between requests but we strongly believe it is worth the tradeoff and make great efforts to improve performance in other ways that do not compromise the integrity.


Additionally, all sensitive data (PII) is encrypted in storage using uncompromised encyption methods. This includes, all names, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, employer names, bank info, property descriptions - anything that could remotely identify someone or their holdings. Again, we have erred on the side of conservative as this is exceptional and does have performance tradeoffs. However, we feel it is our duty to protect your information better than our own.


This means that the only time any sensitive data is readable is the moment it reaches your browser safely!


But what is encryption anyway and how does it work?

According to Wiki: In cryptography, encryption is the process of encoding messages (or information) in such a way that eavesdroppers or hackers cannot read it, but that authorized parties can. In an encryption scheme, the message or information (referred to as plaintext) is encrypted using an encryption algorithm, turning it into an unreadable ciphertext. This is usually done with the use of an encryption key, which specifies how the message is to be encoded. Any adversary that can see the ciphertext, should not be able to determine anything about the original message. An authorized party however, is able to decode the ciphertext using a decryption algorithm, that usually requires a secret decryption key, that adversaries do not have access to.


What good is all of that if the servers are not secure?

Great question! That is why we do not stop there. Currently all policies related to information security and business continuity are SAS70 Type II audited with no exceptions. ITIL certifications are held by all information staff, which, as it relates to security, is based on the ISO 27002.


Additionally, access to the servers within the data center is highly secure and direct access to the Money Organizer Pro production environment requires highly elevated authorization. Furthermore, servers are routinely maintained and all recommended patches, installed reguarly.


And if that wasn't enough, all external access is prohibited except for a select few whitelisted IP addresses.


What are the system requirements for Money Organizer Pro?

Money Organizer Pro has the best experiences on current browsers over stable broadband connections. Javascript being enabled is a requirement.



Just what is integrated with Redtail?

The integration includes nearly everything that Redtail and MOPRO have in common and is accessible to integrators (which is definitely a subset of what the user sees). At a high-level, the primary areas integrated both directions, are:

  • Contact's Basic Information
  • Know Your Client
  • Relationships (spouse and family)
  • Accounts
  • Assets
  • Liabilities

Contact Support for a detailed list of every touch point, if needed.


What are the recommended practices for integration?

The best experience will be in selecting one of the two systems to be the "source" system for the particular client and always integrate one direction. This ensures things stay like-like. In the same vein, the results are cleaner when creating a client during the initial import or export process, rather than linking an existing client in each system. However, should that action be performed, it is advised to first import or export and then perform the reverse direction to get both sides in sync.


The four main scenarios supported are:

  • No client in MOPRO system yet (import and create client)
  • No client in Redtail system yet (export and create client)
  • Client exists in MOPRO system but is not linked to a Redtail client (select MOPRO and Redtail clients, to link)
  • Client exists in MOPRO system and is linked to a Redtail client (import/export without re-selecting Redtail client)


Will the synchronization delete records in either system?

No, for a number of reasons, deletes are left to the advisor. This means if something like an account or asset is deleted from one system, it must be manually deleted in the other system.


This also applies in the scenario where synchronization has already taken place and in the next run, you change the mapping area (i.e. something was mapped to an Account but is now changed to an Asset type). A new entry will be made at the indicated location however the previously mapped entry will remain and will need to be deleted to remove the duplicate.


How do I configure the integration options?

You can set integration options at a global-level for each integration partner on the Partner Associations subtab under My Account. These settings will then pass down to each client when created. However, you may change the integration handling on a client-by-client basis, by editing them on the Integration Options subtab of the Start step, under the client's MOPRO Plan.


There is information about each option on the respective screens; however the primary option to note is the Show Manual Mapping. When enabled, a step in the integration workflow will be inserted allowing you to review and/or edit the way the partner system is mapped to the MOPRO system, both directions. We have attempted to create the best mapping by default (which is what is used if this manual step is not enabled) but you may find specific scenarios needing special direction.


With the custom mapping, you may even opt to not import/export the item, by selecting the Do Not Import option. This applies directly with Family Members, Assets and Liabilities. However, with the client profile information, some information must be synchronized on the primary client. But when this option is exercised on the Basic Client Profile entry, a minimalist approach is used and skips most of the other profile areas. One exception is during the first synchronization, before the user has had the chance to opt out. So all of the profile information will update when the partner link is first established.


What other nuances should I be aware of?

As with any integration, care must be taken to not overwrite something not intended. Generally, we try to soften the potential blow by, in many areas, not overwriting a value if the incoming one is blank, for example. However, it is not a fail-safe. Additionally, MOPRO and Redtail are two entirely different systems that serve two different purposes (one is for financial planning and the other is a CRM). This means there are areas or elements where the mapping is not straight-forward or direct.


If there are still unanswered questions or you are having a specific issue, feel free to contact Support for more assistance here.

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