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In 1995, founder, Sean Allen, was sitting across the kitchen table from his middle aged clients trying to help them understand why they were never going to reach their retirement goals, despite their annual household income of over $130,000 (net).

Although he felt he had discovered the problem, he hadn’t yet figured out how to explain his discovery to his clients in a way they would understand. He needed a way to motivate them to change their habits, and he knew this would require motivating them to change their beliefs.

Unfortunately, there were two big problems with committing to help his clients: 1) His job, at the time, was to sell financial products, not help clients organize their finances and strategies their cash flow, 2) He had no way to charge his clients for the work he was doing, so he had to do it on his own time, for free.

After several hours of gathering data and learning about his clients most important financial needs, he left their house with every financial statement his clients could find. He told them he would be back, one week later, with a plan for how to make the most of their money.






More than 40 hours of work went into building spreadsheets, testing algorithms and displays that would tell the full story.


That full story was complicated. On one hand, if his clients continued managing their money the same way they had been, they would be bankrupt within five years. On the other hand, if they were more intentional with their spending and followed the 5 step strategy Sean put together, they could enter their retirement years with more than $1.3 million in net worth, not including the equity in their home.


Sean says he can’t put into words what it felt like to see the look on his clients face when they looked at the chart showing their financial future. At first it was complete despair as they realized their current path was headed for bankruptcy, but then an overwhelming sense of relief and hope flushed their faces when they realized their net worth potential was more than $1.3 million.


“The look on their face was worth more than they could have paid me for my efforts,” Sean said.




In time, Sean did discover how to get paid for his time and effort. By 2003 he reached the seven figure mark, after turning his Money Organizer Plan into a customizable software program which allowed him, and his team, to increase his productivity, efficiency and marketability.


In 2010 Sean opened up the program to a limited number of other financial professionals through Money Organizer Pro.


In 2012 we launched Sean’s course: 7 Steps to 7 Figures, where he taught financial professionals how to build an Ideal Business around a strategic system and the Money Organizer Plan.


In 2015 we launched: Moprouniversity.com to provide even more coaching for financial professionals looking to build their Ideal Business and live their Ideal Lifestyle.


In 2016 we combined the two websites into one and made it even easier for financial professionals to get everything they need to build an Ideal Business.


Today, Sean spends his time leading his very talented team, and his incredibly hard working members, towards the ultimate mission: A Million Millionaires.


The Million Millionaires campaign isn’t available to very many people right now, but when you do hear about it, be ready to participate because it will be a very fast moving campaign, and you won’t want to miss it.




The key to our success has as much to do with our top talent on our team as it does with the top talent of our members. As Sean says, “We will limit our time and efforts to only those who express the ambition, ethic and foresight required to build an organization of such significance. After all, our efforts mean people will reach and live their Ideal Lifestyle. Just imagine how we can impact the world around us if we surround ourselves with the right people.”

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